Cool People

Good Sites

    A directory of thousands of audio dramas
  • Succeed Socially
    Lessons on social skills and overcoming shyness
  • Sci-Hub
    Finds and returns published scientific articles that are paywalled
  • LibGen
    Search for published books and you'lll probably find a free epub or pdf here. Also saves and makes available every paper found on Sci-Hub.
  • Botanical Beads of the World
  • iNaturalist
    Catalogue of plant sightings combined with location and pictures, and sometimes checked by experts
  • Falling Fruit
    Catalogue of edible fruit trees around the world
  • Rss Feed Viwer
    Lets you view an rss feed given a link to one
  • RSS Feed Validator
    Checks your RSS and makes sure it's all good to go before you upload it anywhere